Energy saving scheme for improving indoor temperature of synchronous condenser workshops in severe cold zone in winter

Song Linquan, Sun Defeng


For synchronous condenser projects in high-altitude areas, the outdoor air temperature is low in winter, so it is not suitable to directly enter the synchronous condenser workshop to cool the equipment. Conventional electric heating will waste a lot of energy and be ineffective. In this project, the roof fan reverse air supply heating scheme is adopted. In most of the winter, the heat dissipation of the synchronous condenser equipment is used to replace the central heating. In extremely cold weather, the electric heating equipment is added to assist with the heating. Through numerical simulation and engineering practice verification, the problems of upper heat and lower cold in winter, serious cold air intrusion in the bottom layer and excessive energy consumption of the synchronous condenser workshop are solved, and the appropriate temperature of the synchronous condenser workshop in the severe cold zone is ensured. The heating mode of a large space factory building based on the synergistic action of the aerodynamic field and temperature field is realized, and the energy-saving effect is obvious.