Application of array muffler in subway engineering

Hu Zilin1, Mai Huiting2


The subway wind pavilion is one of the important links of the subway project that has an impact on the external sound environment. The noise reduction measure is to install mufflers. Compared with the chip muffler, the array muffler has a wider range and is more flexible in selecting the scheme to obtain the required noise reduction effect with less ventilation resistance. When changing the arrangement and number of sound absorbers to improve the sound reduction, the array muffler has one more dimension than the chip muffler, which can be changed in the width direction and height direction. The adjustment is more flexible and accurate. The case study shows that the muffler performance curve can be used to carry out the quantitative analysis more intuitively and quickly, and the appropriate scheme can be selected to improve the working efficiency of designers. The application of array muffler in subway projects can meet different noise reduction requirements with less cost.