Energy efficiency of central air conditioning system with medium temperature water supply and large temperature difference

Wang Sheng1,2,3, Liu Hua1,2,3 , Li Hongbo1,2,3 , Han Guangyu3


In order to study the operational energy efficiency and economic advantages of the ultra-high-efficiency air conditioning system based on the new medium temperature water supply and large temperature difference (MTLD) air conditioning terminal, this article first presents the hourly simulation process of the MTLD ultra-high-efficiency air conditioning system, and then establishes the conventional air conditioning system scheme,  the medium temperature water supply air conditioning system scheme, and MTLD air conditioning system scheme to simulate their annual hourly energy consumption based on a typical engineering case. The results show that the energy efficiency of the refrigerator room of the MTLD air conditioning system (scheme 5) can reach 7.20, which is 107% higher than that of the conventional full fixed frequency air conditioning system (scheme 1). Compared with the traditional scheme, the initial investment of MTLD air conditioning system only increases by 18.4%, which can be recovered within 2 to 3 years.