Energy saving transformation of a core hub computer room in Lanzhou

Dai Xinqiang1, Li Rongkang1, Chen Meng2, Zhang Zhongbin2


The energy saving transformation is adopted in a core hub computer room in Lanzhou. The transformation scheme is as follows: the existing air conditioning terminal is transformed, the cold water fluorine pump module is added to the existing air conditioning outdoor unit, and the intelligent integrated refrigeration station is added to provide cold source. In transition seasons and winter,the natural cold source is fully utilized, the compressor of the integrated refrigeration station is closed, and the operating energy consumption is greatly reduced.In summer, the refrigeration cycle is carried out by the cold source provided by the integrated refrigeration station and the cold water fluorine pump module, and the outdoor condenser of the air conditioner is closed,avoiding the heat island effect on the air-cooled air conditioner. After the transformation, the power usage effectiveness (PUE) of the computer room is reduced and the installation capacity is improved, which can provide technical references for the data center transformation of other old computer rooms.