Analysis of energy efficiency level of air-cooled multi-connected air-conditioning (heat pump) units

Luo Tianyan, Wang Luping, Liu Yuxuan, Wang Qian, Wang Xiaoyu, Li Lu


Since the implementation of GB/T 18837-2015 Multi-connected air-conditioning (heat pump) unit on July 1, 2016, the authors company has carried out energy efficiency level inspection tests of such units for over 600 times. The trial samples cover the products of the major brands circulating in domestic market. Fulfilling the requests of the national standard, the combinations of trial samples manifest great diversity. Based on the inspection data and the practical problems met during tests, a thoroughly analysis is conducted, aiming at revealing the energy efficiency level of air-cooled units circulating in domestic market and providing verification for the energy efficiency limit values and grades regulated by the standard GB 21454-2021.