Calculation and analysis of annular air conditioning water systems in data centers

Xue Huaikun, Li Dan and Du Yongpeng


The water-cooled chilled water system is usually used in the air conditioning design for large data centers, and it needs to meet the requirement of the normal operation of the refrigeration system in the event of a single point failure. The air conditioning water system is mostly annular pipe network and double riser system, so the hydraulic calculation and analysis of multi-loop and two-way water supply network becomes difficult. Aiming at a data center, presents a feasible calculation method—pipe network adjustment method. By using the method, with the help of VBA programming in Excel, carries out the hydraulic calculation and analysis of water supply network and water return network, respectively. At the same time, the conventional calculation method is considered, that is, the multi-point fault disconnection as a branch pipe network for the hydraulic calculation. Through comparative analysis, finds that the pump head calculated by the pipe network adjustment method is 27.6% less than that by the conventional calculation method, which is beneficial to the selection of the water pump in the design.