Air distribution optimizing design of air conditioning system for first-floor waiting hall of Xiongan Station

Li Guiping, Wang Tiancheng, Sun Zhaojun, Dong Yongwei and Guo Xuehui


 The waiting hall on the first floor of Xiongan Station is a typical tall space. Adopting the traditional auxiliary room to set up the machine room, the all air system has a large air supply radius and high energy consumption, and does not meet the decoration style of fair-faced concrete. Therefore, the design adopts a decentralized air supply unit system and adopts a combination of attached jets and side delivery nozzles. By computer simulation methods, compares the air distribution in the personnel activity area of the three working conditions in summer (attached ventilation, side delivery from nozzles, attached ventilation combined with side delivery from nozzles), obtains a better air delivery method, and checks the design conditions in winter. The result shows that the use of a decentralized system in summer reduces the energy consumption of air transportation by about 30% compared with a centralized all-air system, and that the air supply method using attached jet combined with nozzles reduces energy consumption by 15% in summer compared with the traditional nozzle side delivery method.